Want to ask a question but unsure about it – check to see if you can find your answer here.

Where can I buy a copy of Welsh Soccerites?
You can buy our latest issue online on our shop – and you sit back and we will do the rest of the work so it turns up at your door.

I ordered a magazine but it’s not turned up yet, where is it?
Good question. Could be in our storage, could be on it’s way. Best thing to do is to send jordangriffiths@welshsoccerites.co.uk an email and he will let you know.

I’d like to stock Welsh Soccerites in my shop, how can we sort that out?
That’s brilliant, we’d love to work with you. If you drop an email to Nick on nick@welshsoccerites.co.uk he’ll be able to begin discussions with you.

I’d like to advertise in Welsh Soccerites, can we do this?
More involvement from the Welsh community – we’d love that. Drop Nick an email on nick@welshsoccerites.co.uk and he’ll get you sorted out.

I missed out on an older issue, can I still pick one up?
Once they’re gone, they’re gone. They’re valuable – make sure you get one. Any issues we have left over, we will keep up on site.

Why should I subscribe?
Cheaper, and simpler. You pay once, you get year long coverage of Welsh domestic football without leaving your house. We do the rest. Sounds good to me.

I want to subscribe, what happens next?
Head over to our shop and get our subscription. You’ll get the most recent edition and the next 3 at a discounted rate. The price includes shipping for the four copies. Brilliant.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Do you really want to miss out on our coverage? It’d be a shame. Send an email to jordangriffiths@welshsoccerites.co.uk and we’ll sort it out.

I’d like to contribute to Welsh Soccerites, how do I do that?
Drop Nick a line on nickdavies@welshsoccerites.co.uk and we will make sure you are sorted out.